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Transfer Policy | KBC Management, Inc.

Residents are allowed to transfer to a vacant apartment within the same apartment building.  In order to transfer, the following conditions must be met and steps taken:

  1. In order to be considered for the transfer, the Resident must be in good standing with KBC Management, Inc. in the current apartment occupied. For example, there may not be outstanding balances, late payments, or noise complaints.
  2. The Resident must apply and qualify for the new apartment per the KBC Management, Inc. Rental Criteria. (See Rental Procedures)
  3. A Thirty (30) Day written notice must be given for the apartment currently being rented.
  4. If the Resident is currently obligated to a lease, the lease will be cancelled as of the date of the transfer. No lease penalty will be assessed; however a new lease will be required for the apartment being transferred into.
  5. To secure the new apartment, a $350.00 Execution Deposit must be paid, an Agreement to Enter into Lease and a new Lease Agreement must be signed.
    • The following will be required by the new apartment’s lease commencement date:
      1. A refundable security deposit.
      2. Balance of the first month’s rent. (Resident must pay the full month’s rent for the new apartment. The second month’s rent shall be prorated).
  6. No advertised specials for new residents will be honored for transfers.
  7. The security deposit for the old apartment will be refunded less any charges within thirty days of vacating the old apartment.

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