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Sunny Reminders

As we head into Summer, we’d like to remind you of a few important warm weather guidelines and safety notes for your KBC property:

Due to safety reasons, window mounted air conditioners are only allowed in ground floor apartments.  If you feel an air conditioner is needed, we suggest you consider a portable unit which sits inside and has a hose attachment to the window. This is an acceptable and safe style.

For those of you that have an outdoor patio, balcony or yard where barbecue use is possible, we’d like to remind you of the rules for your and other’s safety

  • BBQ grills are allowed on a balcony or patio when there is at least ten (10) feet distance from the building’s outer wall.
  • Only Electric grills and Propane grills are allowed (1 lb. max tank)
  • Grills that use charcoal or briquettes and require flammable starter liquids are not allowed.
  • Grills may not exceed 28″ wide and 19″ deep.
  • Grills must not be left unattended.

This is a great time of year to enjoy outdoor spaces you may have as part of your rental.  We appreciate your commitment to following guidelines in your lease about how this space can be used.  Your balcony or patio must be kept neat and clean and cannot be used for storage.

Please note that fire escapes, window sills and railings are not to be used for placement of personal items, including flower pots.

Thank you for your attention to these items. We hope you enjoy the sunshine.

Tenant Referral Program

Do you have a friend or acquaintance looking for an apartment?  If you refer someone to a KBC Property who is approved and moves in, we will give you a $200 Rent Credit in the month following the new tenant’s occupancy.  The applicant must advise the Manager with whom they apply that they were referred by you at the time applying.  We appreciate your tenancy and recommendation.