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Cold Weather Notes

Colder weather is on its way and with temperatures at, or below freezing, we would appreciate your assistance to help prevent the inconvenience of frozen pipes in your apartment.  Please follow these instructions while the weather remains below freezing:

  1. Leave cabinet doors under sinks open during prolonged cold periods so that warm air can reach plumbing pipes and drains.
  2. If your apartment has plumbing on an exterior wall, be sure to run water from this tap daily and if away for prolonged periods, allow a slow drip of water to occur from your faucet during any severe cold period (make sure there is nothing blocking the drain so that water doesn’t accumulate). Check with your Manager if you are unsure.
  3. Notify your Manager if you plan to be away from your apartment for a day or more when the weather is below freezing so plumbing can be monitored in your absence.

Thank you for your assistance in preventing frozen pipes during this cold weather snap!

Posted by: KBC on December 18, 2017
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